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Sapphire & Purple | Stud Earrings

Sapphire & Purple | Stud Earrings

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Dare you to find a more vibrant, sparkly stud earring in these stunning royal shades!  These beautiful accessories are a definite favourite and exclusive to Leila Eden Designs (as all of my earrings are).  

Handcrafted around a stainless steel earring base. 

2nd & 3rd photos are not of this product but are for size reference as the studs pictured are the same size.


Glass Seed beads

Nylon thread

.925 silver or 14 K rose-gold filled earring hooks

Care information

Although durable and built to last, following these simple care instructions will improve the longevity and condition of your beaded pieces:

Store your earrings hanging up. Thread has a memory and will retain the shape it is stored in for some time. If your strands become bent, you can gently massage them back to being straight.

Avoid exposing you earrings to liquid, extreme temperatures or abrasive surfaces.

Avoid twisting the beaded fringe between your fingers. This can twist the thread and warp the shape of the earrings.

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